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The Quick Rundown on our Frameworks...

When it comes to Local Marketing, we tend to believe that providers think it is just 1 thing. Maybe Google My Business, and that is a BIG ONE. But it does not stop there. You have Facebook and your Business Page optimized for Local. Then the dreaded word: SEO. Ouch, we don't even like to use that word with Local & Small Businesses. It scares the bejeezies out of them.

And here is the real GIST of this piece of information:

Just because you are a LOCAL BUSINESS, why would you overlook Marketing 101 Stuff?

It is a TRUE Mystery of Local Marketing Life!

But as a LOCAL Business that is on the web...

You STILL have to address the following items:

  • TARGET Market (Not just Fitness Training)
  • CLIENT Avatar (Who, Why, Where, Demographics)
  • MESSAGING (Who are you speaking to and why?)
  • TOTAL MARKET Ecosystem
  • PRODUCT LADDER (if applicable)
  • SIGNATURE SYSTEM (or Solution aka Content Roadmap)
  • LEAD MAGNET PLANNER (Lead Capture Mechanism)

Now listen, there is more to it than this. But the above FRAMEWORKS have to be completed and integrated into your online presence. If not, what are you really doing online? Do you have a GOAL, a PROCESS? Sure being there is probably better than NOTHING. With my previous company, I actually offered a SERVICE for Small Businesses on a SUPER TIGHT Budget called the "BETTER THAN NOTHING MARKETING PLAN".

Sure it might have seemed a little abrasive, but it was just what many clients wanted and could afford. And it filled a void out there in the Local Marketing Services Marketplace.

We ended up dropping it because it became our #1 offering.

Really! But it ended up being more of an EDUCATIONAL STARTER Program for us with a VERY LOW Profit Margin. And we found our selves giving away services vs. being an Agency Services Provider.

So what is the difference with and why do we not offer it?

Well, we actually converted the "BTNMP" into a FREE Download.

We have our FREE Training for your Google My Business Profile! Our GMBDudes University has become very popular. And then recently we took the basic content from that training and made it a 26 Page FREE Download. (PDF)

So make sure you GRAB the FREE Local Marketing Frameworks above. (When they become available)

And remember Google wants us to help you!

Local Search is such a powerful, yet easily influenced form of online marketing. We Love being able to help small businesses and know that we can move the needle fast!

From GMB, to SEO, to Better Websites Fast! We can get your Local Marketing Cranking... Fast!

David @

We get the Local Marketing Hacks that only guys like Dave and Tom know! Sure it is Local Marketing, but the GMB Dudes take it to the Next Level! I just have to say Thanks GMB Dudes!

Jake @ SF Detailing (ZH)