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Local Flywheel Marketing by GMBDudes and MMT Media Florida

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We Pioneered the Modular Marketing System and Now...

We are Introducing the "Local Flywheel" A Local Marketing Flywheel that Works
What if Small Businesses Could Market as Effectively as Amazon, and Do It
on a Shoestring Budget?

About the Creator of the "Local Flywheel"

David Jamison is the Founder of and Co-Founded with Tom R. to Focus on Local Marketing for Small Business.

Why? At the Beginning of the Lockdown, I saw small Local Business really struggling. I wanted to create an easy to implement, affordable marketing program that could help them not only survive, but to set themselves up to Thrive once things got back to normal! The "Local Flywheel" is the Result!

David Jamison of MMT Media Florida

The Inspiration really came from Amazon. During the Lockdown, we Ordered a Ton off of Amazon! My Background is in Sales Funnel Development. So I began to study the New Flywheel Concept that Amazon so successfully pioneered.

Key Elements: Google My Business Profile, Website (Locally Optimized or Local Lander & a Facebook Business Page (Locally Optimized)

I wanted to create a system that leverage the same elements, but was easy and affordable. Where to Look?

I was already Google-Centric, so I realized that everything needed to focus around the "Google My Business Profile".

But the GMB Profile and how important it was, was NO SECRET!

But what made the concept of the Marketing Flywheel so powerful, was not JUST Google My Business, but how we wrapped everything around it and how we used it as the center of the Flywheel. We used all of the Elements of a Flywheel Marketing System, but figured out just the right parts, and how and when to use them to gain momentum with the system.

Google was really almost making a small local website obsolete. The New "NEAR ME" Search Algos were making it increasingly difficult to optimize your site and win, when a competitor with almost ZERO Website Presence was winning the Local Search Battle because their GMB Profile was "almost" fully optimized.

So how could a business OUTRANK those competitors that had a Jumpstart on their GMB Profile Setup?

We took a few of the most important, yet cost effective parts of our more involved Sales Funnels and PPC, Content Campaigns and whittled them down to a system that was easy, could be implemented quickly, but did not take months or thousands and thousands of dollars to gain traction.

We started with a few small local businesses that were really struggling to keep their heads above water.

And low and behold, the results were almost INSTANT! Ok a few days!

We had one small outdoor adventure company focused on getting kids out of the house and in the Fresh Air during Covid.

The business had only had 200 Customers "EVER" before we rolled out the Local Flywheel Marketing System.

The 1st Saturday after we completed the setup... (about a week) they had over 1000 People Search, Call and inquire and had 400 People come to their Location that 1st Saturday. To say the least, the owner was stunned, thankful and almost in disbelief.

Will the program work that well for every business? Well, if you think your business can out pull a Goat Farm, kinda Kid Goat Yoga Petting Zoo... then I think you will be in for a BIG Surprise. Will you pull the same numbers? Maybe Not. But will it be profitable and provide you with a HUGE ROI on your Marketing Spend. I can almost say without hesitation... YES!

So you are thinking... "I Looked at the Flywheel Image, I don't get it?"

What makes it work? Well in my original business,, we focused on Sales Funnels. They are Very Linear and are Focused on Capture and Convert. One and Done Stuff.

Most Local Businesses do not operate that way. It is a never ending cycle of getting customers, taking care of them and then hoping they refer, return, whatever. But how does your method insure that it keeps the sales and marketing cycles going?

You are NOT a Marketer, you are busy running your Business! You Don't have Time for Sales Funnels, Emails, Lead Magnets, Blogs and all the Tech Stuff. We Get It!

So without blathering on here about this LOCAL FLYWHEEL Thing... Let Me Just Tell you about the Moving Parts! 

If you Figure it out on your own... Good For You! You Deserve the Easy Marketing Tips!

So how does it work?

Local Flywheel

So the Flywheel Graphic does not really give any Great Clues on How to Build it out!

But it basically goes something like this:

1st: Setup or Optimize your Google My Business Profile.

Easier said then done. Their are 12 Key Elements to insure that your GMB Profile are setup correctly and SCORE well in Google's eyes.

Hint: Simple Posts with Links to your Website, Video (30 Second Videos that you do with your Phone) and post on your YouTube Channel. Make sure your Channel has links back to your GMB Profile and your Local Search Focused Website.

2nd: Then make sure that your Website is optimized for Local Search & Google Maps... Again a handful of easy key things to add.

Then create a couple of simple pages on your site and link simple content back to your GMB Profile.

* If your Website is a mess, we can create a Brand New One from Scratch, or we can create a Subdomain.... and do a Great 1 Pager with 5 simple Sections and do it ALL RIGHT for Local Search. BAM!  No BIG Slowdowns or Money Commitments. *

3rd: Make sure your Facebook Business Page is setup and Optimized for Local Search. Most businesses do not even know that a Facebook Page is almost as powerful as a GMB Profile if setup properly.

Then tie a few key posts back to GMB and Your Website and make sure that GMB and your Website are tied to your Facebook Page.

On the Facebook Page, create a couple of Simple Static Image Posts that link to an Offer your Create on your GMB Profile as a Product or Service. And then also create a Post that Links to Facebook and a Post that Links to your GMB Profile.

If you are a little more Tech Savvy, Create a Video Post talking about your Business, your GMB Profile and your Facebook Page.

Make a list of 10 things about your Business that address your unique Value, Showcase Trust with 1 BIG 5 Star Review on Google (Oh... I almost Forgot... You Need Tons of Positive Reviews on your GMB Profile. Do a Review SHARE Round Robin with Networking Members etc. And of course Contact your Customers and Send them the Review Link from your Profile). And then on the 10 Big Things List finish up the list regarding Value, Trust and Authority that makes your Business Better than your Competitors. 

Note: This is ALL about Your Business vs. Your Competitors. If you say you really don't have any competitors... I am going to bite my tongue here. BIG NOTE: You Do! Make sure your GMB Profile is Better than theirs. In every way. It is pretty straightforward.

Is there more to the Flywheel? Yes. Explaining ALL of it is beyond the scope of the article. But I will make a List of everything we do to get our Flywheel going and the content we feed it (easy, simple stuff) to keep the wheel and momentum going... FOREVER.

Here is the LIST:

GMB Profile (Fully Optimized)

Website (Locally Optimized or an alternate local.yoursite Optimized Landing Page that is linked to your Homepage)

Facebook Business Page (Locally Optimized)

Simple YouTube Channel to post Content - Read your GMB & Blog Posts on Camera, add the information in the meta box, add key tags and links. YT will transcribe the Video verbiage. Use that transcript on your Website or Landing Page as a Post. Drop a YouTube Video Link into your Website, your GMB Profile in a Post and create a Post on your Facebook Page with the YouTube Link. FYI you can do Video on Facebook to. They store it and operate pretty similar to YouTube. *** But use YouTube 1st ***

Now once you have those items done, create a simple Google Slide Show with All of your Posts, Videos and other Social Media Content (I will get more into Social Media in a second). Once you create the Google Slide Show with Links to your Profile, Website, Facebook Page etc. publish it as a PDF. 

Now what do you do with that file? Well now we will begin to get a bit into the tech weeds here... But we offer a Content Creation, Syndication Service that we call AMP Local. It is super affordable and it combines all of the power packed marketing elements into 1 link building, traffic driving, authority maximizing services that often costs thousands of dollars. These are 1 off campaigns that there is no ongoing commitments. They can be done to Kickstart Phase 2 and if your business can handle the volume of leads and it makes financial sense, you can do one every couple of weeks, monthly or maybe every quarter just to add a little fuel to the marketing fire.

The results are amazing and the content we create for that distribution can be repurposed and often is enough content to keep the Local Flywheel churning along for a month or two.

So here is the simplified list of elements that drive the Local Flywheel.

The Core 3

1. GMB Profile

2. Website or Landing Page (Locally Focused)

3. Facebook Business Page (Locally Focused)

4. YouTube Channel with Simple 30 Second "Commercial Videos" and Transcribed Content.

5. Social Media Posts - aka Social Ads. (Basically Commercials or Offers no different than you would run in a Paper or Local Mag.)

6. A little bit of added SEO Content on your Website or Local Landing Page.

7. PPC Ads. Simple Google Ads tied to your Google My Business Profile.

8. Simple Retargeting Ads once a visitor lands on your Website, Profile or Facebook Page. (No Selling, Just Visibility Ads)

9. Good Offers for Products and Services on your GMB Profile. (Drop those on Website & Facebook)

10. Create some Google Slide Content and turn it into a Video and Post to GMB, FB and add those Links to your Website.

11. Create a Few Posts on your Website and Facebook from the Posts you created on GMB. Make sure they all link to each other.

12. Check your Results on a GMB Audit Service. (We do it FREE) 

There is more to this... But not much. It is easier for is to do than to explain.

But we want to be totally Transparent. This is not Rocket Science. (See below the 3 Factors that Google Ranks you on)

But it is much easier than it might appear here. You might not have time, interest or the technical inclination to do it. 

That is WHY we are Here!

We will be offering a D.I.Y. Course on this System in the Future.

Most clients figure it out once we get it up and running. It is easier to observe and understand than detail in a single post or article.

The 3 Key Google Factors to Rank in a Local Search:

  • Relevance
  • Distance
  • Prominence

So Now take all of what I detailed and think how all of that might fit in one of the 3 buckets above.

Pretty Simple Stuff!

However, if your Head is Spinning right about Now...

Just Schedule a Call with Us and we will handle the Whole Kit and Caboodle aka The Local Flywheel Marketing System.

Wondering what a Kit and Caboodle is?

If you want to talk to us... Schedule a Call at the Button Below

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